Creating a new user for FTP or Database access

We at Corpsite are very security concious and we encourage all our customers to create a user specifically for managing your website via FTP or for your site databases. To do that, follow these steps:
  1. Log into Virtualmin directly or by logging into the billing panel ( and then selecting "Services" menu, then "My Services" and click the Hosting product for the domain you want to manage, then click "Login to Control Panel"
  2. Click "Edit Users" on the left hand menu
  3. Click "Add a website FTP access user"
  4. Enter the username you want to use for this user
  5. Optionally set the user real name
  6. You can accept the randomly generated password or you can set your own
  7. If you only want this user to manage a specific directory of your website, click "Quota and home directory settings" and set the sub-directory the user will be locked into. Otherwise leave this setting on "Main website directory" to let them manage the entire site.
  8. If you want this user to manage databases, click "Other user permissions". Select the databases you want the user to have access to and click the arrow facing to the right. The database will be added to the "Granted access to" box.
  9. Click "Create"
The user will then be created and permissions set!
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