Meltdown and Spectre information

  • Friday, 5th January, 2018
  • 14:06pm
With all of the news going around about Meltdown and Spectre affecting nearly every computer and hosting provider, we wanted to update our customers on the matter.

What is Meltdown and Spectre?

Meltdown and Spectre are hardware related bugs in nearly every modern (post-1995) computer processor, including those found in mobile phones, tablets, home computers and servers. A very basic explanation of the bugs is that they allow programs to access memory used by other programs. In other words, a web browser can read memory used by your password manager, potentially exposing passwords or other private data.

Do I need to do anything? Is my website safe? 

Corpsite (and our parent, Watch Communications) have applied Meltdown mitigation patches and current Spectre mitigation patches to our server infrastructure. No additional actions are required by our hosting services customers. As additional patches come out for Spectre, we will apply those as necessary.


Where can I find more information?

If you would like to learn more about Meltdown or Spectre, please visit

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