How a Domain Alias is configured in our hosting

How are domain aliases setup in hosting?

In all of our hosting packages, a domain alias is setup as a perfect alias for a domain. In other words, if your parent domain is and you have as a domain alias, when someone browses to the website for they will see the website for The same is true for email addresses. If you create an account then any email sent to will be delivered to

Can I use accounts in a domain alias to login?

No. Logging into the control panel, email, MySQL databases, FTP and any other services with hosting must be done with the parent domain credentials for the user in question.

Can I put a website on a domain alias that is different from the parent?

This is not supported. The domain alias intention and how the system is designed to handle them is that they are just aliases, or nicknames if you will, for the parent domain. The system is not designed to handle a different website on a domain alias separate from the parent domain. Some systems, such as Wordpress, have plugins that allow delivering different content based on what website address was browsed to. While we do not implicitely deny the use of these tools, we cannot support or help you set them up. Proceed at your own risk.

What if I need a separate website on a domain alias?

If you truly require a separate website using a supported method, the only supported option is to convert the domain alias to a full Hosting package. Our support team can assist you in getting this setup and is subject to any additional fees depending on what Hosting package size your site requires. This does break the alias relationship entirely however. So if you require email addresses at domain aliases to go to their respective accounts on the parent domain then you will need to setup email aliases once the package is converted.

If you have any other questions about domain aliases, please contact our support department for assistance!
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